Hollywood’s Bleeding, new single 10-07-2024

On the 10th of July, our long awaited single “Hollywood’s Bleeding” will be released on Spotify and other channels. Our dedicated fans will already know this song from our gigs, it’s a hard rock version of Post Malone’s title track from his 2019 album. This single serves as a promo for our upcoming EP, “Back with a 6-pack”, which will also present 5 self-penned new tracks.

Even though he’s rooted in hip hop, Malone definitely has connections to hard rock, having collaborated with Ozzy Osbourne before. “Hollywood’s Bleeding”‘s lyrics are mainly about decadence, hedonism and nihilism in Hollywood, and since many of the artists we’re inspired by are from the same area and embody the same themes, that definitely motivated us to cover it. A quick online search shows that we weren’t the only band that noticed the song’s suitability for a rock cover, but nonetheless, we think our version offers a unique interpretation.

The single was recorded in April with Thomas Kunst on vocals, guitarists Arti Flinkerbusch and Thijs Stoffelen, Steven Wijtenburg on bass and drummer Wouter Michawitz. The cover art was done by our very own Steven Wijtenburg and show the Hollywood Hills in the midst of a volcanic eruption, with the lava spelling out “Bleeding” under the famous sign. The night sky in the background shows a colour pattern hinting to the cover of Malone’s original album. Hollywood’s Bleeding will be on Spotify and other major streaming platforms on July 10th and we hope everyone in the hard rock scene (and beyond) will enjoy this crossover cover.

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