New EP “Accidental Gathering”

“What’s this, what’s happening?” It’s the brand new EP from the hard rock band ‘Frontline’ – ‘Accidental gathering’!

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Frontline is a hard rock band from Delft consisting of five enthusiastic band members; Thomas (vocals), Arti (guitar), Thijs (guitar), Steven (bass) and Jamal (drums). The band formed in the summer of 2018. Arti wrote a bunch of hard rock songs and was looking for the right musicians to perform them with. He found these through jam sessions in a medieval cellar in the city center of Delft. The band had some live gigs and a radio performance – before the pandemic kicked in.

Frontline did not let the pandemic interfere with their work. The EP ‘Accidental Gathering’ was recorded even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Bassist Steven explains: ’We separately recorded our instruments from the safety of our homes and then Thijs mixed them together..” The band has made a tight production – you wouldn’t tell the EP has been recorded from home, completely DIY. The song writing recalls old-school hard rock music. Arti: “My influences are mostly Guns N’ Roses, Thin Lizzy and other hard rock legends from back in the day. Although everybody in the band digs that, the members’ individual tastes are diverse. For instance, Steven’s background is punk rock and Jamal’s more metal. This makes the band’s sound an interesting mix.”

The EP ‘Accidental Gathering’ is Frontline’s first release. Get ready for some spot-on hard rock vocals and guitar riffs. Lead singer Thomas: “Our song Let’s keep it a secret is one of my favorites! The riffs are awesome and the song will most definitely be stuck in your head all day.” It sure is a good teaser for their upcoming album, expected to be released in summer 2021. If you love rock music, make sure to follow this band to stay up to date. You’ll definitely want to add this EP to your favorites!

Let’s not keep it a secret and share this music with everyone you know!

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